Anna Tokunova (copy) In Russian
100% biodegradable tableware made of kombucha
for 500 years
There’s more to it.
Plastic tableware is toxic and unhealthy, as plastic releases toxic substances in contact with hot food and alcohol. It pollutes the environment. Plastic recycling is also a toxic industry.
But the world can’t just pass up disposable tableware since it’s really necessary for picnics, hikings and events with large number of guests.
Our solution is BuchaWare — 100% biodegradable disposable tableware made of kombucha.
BuchaWare is made from dried SCOBY — Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast, usually used for kombucha infusing. After preparing a drink, SCOBY is usually thrown away altrough it can be used for creating BuchaWare.
Easy and cheap in production
only black tea, sugar and vinegar are needed
Zero‑waste and 100% biodegradable
as well as water- and heat‑resistant
vegan‑friendly, ethical and non‑toxic
for today
and tomorrow
Proved innovation.
BuchaWare technologies are patented and copyright-protected.
RU 2728206C1
International Patents Pending
pass on plastic because bucha is fantastic