Anna Tokunova
industrial designer
2021 – 2022
Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design Exchange Program
jerusalem, israel
2018 – 2023
Stieglitz Academy Industrial Design BA
st. peterburg, russia
Bowl and plate made of kombucha, top view
disposable tableware made of kombucha.
Juna is a biodegradable disposable tableware made of SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) using patented technology. My goal was to create the most eco-friendly disposable tableware, so then I chose SCOBY as a material.
Juna can be dried even using daylight without special drying outfits. It can be used for both cold and hot food, since it’s thermal-resistant. While producing kombucha drink, it grows in layers and the old ones are usually thrown away. I found out that these old layers can be used to produce Juna.
\( ̄▽ ̄)/
Juna Method of Making is patented in Russia from July, 28th, 2020.
Juna × Symbiotica
photo of certificate or diploma
I teamed up with Symbiotica, one of the most popular kombucha brands in Russia, to use their SCOBY layers for Juna production.
Eco-events participation
photo of certificate or diploma
I was invited to read my lecture «X‑Materials r why everything can’t be reusable» describing the profits of Juna
Interview with Mastera
photo of certificate or diploma
Russian media «Mastera» writing about local projects and businesses, released an interview with me.